I am Mistress Bliss


I am a sadistic practitioner of sex magick and shamanic shadow work, delving into your deepest darkest parts to call forth your ultimate desires.

I have 15 years experience as a Pro Domme.with a wide range of expert skills.

I am discerning in who I choose to accept for submission,as I like to develop intimate relationships with my subs. You must approach me with complete respect from the very first interaction to be considered.

I have a calling to bring people pleasure, whether through being completely at my mercy or erotically tormented in whichever way I choose,

I believe everybody deserves blissful experiences in their life and it is my divine calling  to create them for you, to bring you heights of painful submission and release.

I craft a session just for you, with all your deepest desires within it. Nothing is taboo,within my limits, everything is possible.

From a gentle loving full body massage to a severe caning, it all happens with me.

I love all forms of bdsm from foot worship to electro and everything in between.

I specialise in people who may have anxiety, erectile disfunction or who want to focus on a specific issue,including working through trauma.

Within my place I create a warm sensuous cocoon, a place to forget the world and be your true self.

I can be the coldest most demanding domina you have ever met,then use my sense of fun and high energy personality to switch the mood entirely. I find great amusement in your suffering and efforts to please me, your screams are music to my ears, until I can’t be bothered and gag you.

I place your safety and consent as the highest priority and we will begin each session fully exploring your desires and boundaries before any play begins. I have very high standards around health,safety and sterile as possible practice.

I am an hedonistic worldly  woman, with a taste for all the finer things in life and I demand the best from all my submissives. I do not tolerate insubordination outside of agreed dynamics .

I use the wheel of consent for all my interactions and expect my subs to have an understanding of how this works.

For Findom/pay pigs my account is 06 0870 0079015 05. I accept giftcards.
Wise: https://wise.com/pay/me/felicitym129


Online Offerings

Video call with me- be dominated in your own home $100 for 20 minutes

Phone call with me- $60 for 20 minutes

Texting- fetish/fantasy texts,perfect for the shy newbie $30 for 10 minutes

Texting- want to chat and share your life? I’ll listen and respond with interest. $20 for 10 minutes.

Videos and pics: by request or pre made

7 minute video of your chosen kink no face $50

7 minute video of your chosen kink and my face $60

7 minutes of being ignored by me as you  deserve while I go about my day- $40

7 minutes of me discussing how pathetic you are with my gorgeous girlfriend $40

7 minutes of dicktator- your penis critiqued/praised/humiliated/ your choice $40

7 minutes of feet heaven, all the toes and tease  you desire  $40

7 minutes of stockings and worshipping my very shapely ass $40


Is pee your thing? Watch me piss on whatever object I  choose, including my sub. $70 minimum.

Online tasks: by text or phone $10/ task or 3 tasks for $25. I’m very creative at coming up with humiliating jobs for you.

Specific Offerings

Online Domination


Impact: caning, paddles, floggers etc

CBT including needles, electro, crushing

Caging, key holding

Orgasm control, denial, ruin

Bondassage, tie and tease

Restraint, gags, hoods, mummification


Golden showers, toilet slave

Household slave

Foot/body worship


Shaving/wax play

Race play/role plays

Puppy play

Adult baby/Mummy Domme




Sensation play


Medical play

I do not do incest or age play. Any other desires request for consideration.


My Offerings:


Therapeutic full body massage no extras $200/hour

Sensual massage, a full body massage with warm oil including sensation play, genital touch and release. You can relax in the private outdoor spa pool first if desired.

Can include prostate stimulation/anal play/toys.
$50 extra

Sensual massage with restraints and blindfold. $50 extra

Special get to know me rate 60 Minutes $300 first visit only.

30 Minutes-$150
45 Minutes-$200
60 Minutes-$350
90 Minutes $400


BDSM 60 minutes- $650

BDSM play can include: Impact play with floggers, canes and paddles.

Pegging and domination. $50 extra

CBT-cock and ball torture through impact and /or needles. $100 extra

Electro play,sounding, humilation, foot/body worship,queening. $100 extra

Golden showers $300  extra Scat play please enquire.

Forced bi with a male Dom $900 60 minutes

Double domination with a woman Domme $900 -60 minutes

Other BDSM sessions can be tailored to your desire, please enquire.



I am available most days, I prefer 2 hours notice but I will always try to accommodate short notice bookings.

Monday 1pm -11pm
Tuesday 9am-10pm
Wednesday 2pm-10pm
Thursday 9am-2pm
Friday 9am-12 Noon 4pm-10pm
Saturday 11am-10pm
Sunday 11am-10pm


Stokes Valley, Wellington, NZ.

Discreet off street parking provided.

My premises and I are drugfree, please do not ask otherwise, as refusal often offends. You are welcome to BYO alcohol,I do not drink myself and I do not allow intoxication in bookings.

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" What an amazing experience, unique every time, Bliss is taking me to places I've not been before, and I know there's much more to come. "



" Wow "



" Great Service "



" Thank you for the excellent night Bliss "



" I had a great time Bliss, it was fun and I'll be back. "



" Bliss has an amazing way of making you feel safe and welcomed. She is very professional and skilled at the things she does. Thank you Bliss for being available. "



Breath is life, touch is life. Combining the two creates an ecstatic experience for your body and soul.

I guide you to fully descend into your body, to be present and enjoy the moment we create together.

Whether you choose to feel pleasure in touch or in more challenging ways, in my experienced hands you will feel blissfully eased.


Safety and Confidentiality: All contact information and personal details are completely confidential and will never be disclosed to another party. Your safety in using my service is of utmost importance. all clients are treated with respect, dignity and empathy. Safe words will always be respected and consent is explicit and can be withdrawn at any time.

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Instagram: intimatebliss7


TikTok @mistressbliss7

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021 077 7022
Email: intimateblisses@gmail.com